Dear Mom,

I so wish the miles were not so far and we could spend Mother’s Day together.  I would enjoy an afternoon together looking through old photos and catching up on the latest projects we’re working on.  It always lifts my spirits when we are together and recharges my “batteries”.  Must be that we’re so much alike and we’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders.  I know I get my creativity and resourcefulness from you,  I hear your voice and laugh daily, watch your hands when I cook, and see your reflection in the mirror.  I hear your voice in my head, and coming out of my mouth more often all the time.  For some women my age, the thought of “becoming” their mothers is a terrifying thought.  Not for me.  I only know that to be like you is to be: giving, selfless, dedicated, honest & trustworthy, a hard worker, loving to family and friends, real, and beautiful inside & out.  I would be honored to have the qualities you possess.  I am so proud to be your daughter.

Thank you for giving me life.  Thank you for teaching me to be creative.  Thank you for taking time to show me things when I was little.  Thank you for putting us first.  Thank you for all the nights you took care of us when we were sick.  Thank you for being homeroom mom.  Thank you for sitting for hours at practices and games.  Thank you for sacrificing so I could play an instrument.  Thank you for allowing us to have turtles, snakes, a gallon of frog eggs, baby ducks, baby chicks, fish, dogs & cats.  Thank you for taking us to the nursing home to see Granny Kating and Odessa Baker – even when we were scared.  Thank you for encouraging me to be responsible and learn skills to have a job.  Thank you for teaching me that work comes before play, and that a job shared is better than working alone.  Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader when I realize that this mom “gig” is sometimes pretty hard.  Thank you for telling me you thought I was beautiful when I was fourteen & pimple faced, eighteen & into crazy hair, twenty-one and on my wedding day, twenty-six and a sleep deprived mom, and forty-two and fighting hard to figure out where I’ve gone!  I only wish I could tell you how much your sacrifices and hard work made me who I am.

I love you.

Your daughter,

Dianne Marie