I am enjoying the break from schoolwork.  The kids have enjoyed the break from schoolwork.  We’ve been crafting and creating around here.  My mom helped me organize the craft room while she was here, and it is amazing how that inspires me to go create something.  I’ve been thinking about an etsy shop for some time now, but think I might explore some local options, as I think etsy is a big world that I’m not sure I want to join.  My goal is just to share my creative endeavours with a few people who would enjoy them, not get rich or anything!  Besides, if it was a job, I don’t think I would be as inspired to create.

The Paseo Arts Festival is this weekend, and I’m so excited.   Rod and I went to the PAF on our honeymoon 21 years ago, and it has always been my favorite OKC Arts Festival.  A little more “gritty” than the big one downtown, and I’m all about keepin it real.  Last year, I got a beautiful sterling/opal ring to celebrate my 20th.  Wonder what I’ll find this year?

I’ve decided that creating is good therapy for me.  It’s good for my children to see as well.  Sophia really runs with the creativity and I like to think it’s because I’ve rubbed off on her.  Yesterday, I got the sweetest homemade card.  It read:  i hope you have a good anuvrsure  i love you so much have a happy anuvrsure Love Sophia.  That one is a keeper.  It also had a picture of a mama elephant in a green hat holding the trunk of a baby elephant.  I don’t think she’s calling me an elephant, but it is probably my favorite thing she’s ever created for me.  Thinking it will be framed and hung in my bedroom.  Also think we’ll work really hard on spelling this summer. 😉

Ideas for today:  finish re-stringing bracelet & add ribbon, spray paint little owl I got on Monday, sew another Nook cover -with improvements, sew dish cloth, transfer rooster design to towel for SL, make a pot-holder towel for SS teachers gifts.  If there’s time, I might work in the garden or my family won’t enjoy okra this summer!

Go make something today.