One thing I’ve been blessed with is very creative children.  My oldest son is blessed musically and very visually perceptive.  He’s great at seeing the parts and how they should become a whole.  My oldest daughter has a great eye and is very creative, she crafts and even paints a little.  My middle daughter is also musically gifted, a great writer, and is blessed with wonderful self-confidence.  My youngest son is already showing signs that he will be artistic.  While my mom was here, he painted figurines with the girls and did very well with a paintbrush, that & he colors pictures in the lines at age 2.  This leaves my youngest daughter, mini-me.

Mini-me is now seven.  She has been artistic since she could walk.  She is the child that always organized things in color & size order – play trains, rocks in Grandma’s garden, books, crayons, whatever.  She loves music and sings along even if she doesn’t know the words.  She is excited about starting ballet this next month, and she is becoming a good writer.  This is the Lola Woods connection.

My children do not really “play” with their toys.  At least not in the way that most kids play with their toys.  They would rather set up a store and pretend to sell things, or create a grown up world that their toys somehow fit in.  Lately after being gifted several notepads from their Grandma L, they have been playing lots of “office”.  This mainly consists of setting up offices for whoever is playing, and then ambushing them with notes and mail that they’ve made.  Mail from mini-me is always my favorite.  Her spelling is very creative (she’s a phonetic reader, so not such a great speller – yet!).  *See post on my anuversure card she made.  Well, she has a name when they play office, and I laugh every time I say it…

Lola Woods.

That’s how she signs all of her office correspondence.