We try to expose our children to culture as much as we can.  This means we visit live music events, museums, and art festivals several times a year.  Sometimes we have to drag our children along, but usually they enjoy the adventure.  Last night, we attended the opening concert of the season for the Oklahoma City Arts Council.  We’ve done this Summer concert series for a couple of summers now, and in a couple of different locations.  This year, the concerts are at the renovated Myriad Gardens, and are held on a big open lawn area.  The lawn is surrounded by sidewalks, bistro tables & park benches.  It was a beautiful night, and we enjoyed a string group called Stringent.  They were a group of five string players that played rock & roll.  Mostly Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, some Queen, some Cure (my favorite!) and they were amazing.  There were several hundred people there, and a couple of pairs of Mallards enjoying the music.  Luke had a great time rolling down the hill behind us, and watching the wave fountain behind the stage.  We brought popcorn and bottled water, but decided next Sunday night to bring a picnic dinner to enjoy on the grounds.  We took our time leaving after the concert, and got to see the Crystal Bridge lit up with rainbow LED lights.  It was amazing to see and I could have looked at it all night. We are especially looking forward to their new Children’s play garden area to open.  It looks like great fun.

We drove through downtown and into bricktown before heading home.  When we passed a horse drawn carriage on the street, Luke started screaming “They’re getting married!”  It was so cute.  I’m thinking he’s seen one too many Barbie princess movies.  He spent the next ten minutes telling his “honey” Sophia how they would get married and ride in a horse carriage.  She was trying to explain to him that brothers & sisters don’t get married, but I told her I thought it was sweet that he loves her so much he wants to marry her.  If that’s the case in another three or four years, then we’ll worry about it.

Well, my little girls are at VBS this morning.  Our church isn’t doing VBS or CVS as Sophia calls it.  Because they can’t find enough workers to fully staff a VBS, they are making materials available to put on Backyard Bible Clubs in your backyard.  Now, I don’t fully get the reasoning behind it – can’t find committed workers, so put on your own vbs if you want to… I didn’t want my girls to miss out on the big Bible School experience, so they’re at another church.  They were excited about it though.  I’m hoping they want to go back through the week.   I’m sure they’ll both come home with new friends today – at least I hope so.

Well, I need to start a birthday pie.  Rod’s birthday is today.  He’s 45 today.  Doesn’t like birthday cake, so I’m off to make a couple of pies.  His favorite is lemon meringue, but I’m making coconut cream too!  With a big family, there’s never any reason to make one pie.