Well, life with five children can be crazy sometimes. Fun always. With the age range being 16 to 2, we’re going through so many phases at the same time. I wouldn’t change a minute of it though. So often, Rod and I exchange glances that affirm “this is what it’s all about”,

Last night, Rod was watering the garden, I was grilling some chicken for dinner, and trying to get things on the table. We could hear Luke screaming and running around in the backyard, and could see him out by the garden sprinkler. When he came inside for dinner, his hair and shirt were wet and we could tell he was worn out. Well, it came out during dinner that his hair was wet because he was dipping his head in the galvanized watering trough that we use to water our dogs. Yuck! Good thing Rod had just re-filled it with fresh water. Needless to say, Luke got a bath last night – in the real tub. I’ve resigned myself that I will be lucky to make it through Luke’s childhood without a case of worms or worse.

My van is in the shop today. That is a big step for us as I’m married to someone who “does it all”. It kills him to have someone work on something for us. He’s even remarked that if he could do our family’s dental or medical procedures, he would. I think that’s where I draw the line, but I do appreciate the fact that he can fix just about anything. It is like the old adage, the cobbler’s children have no shoes. Our to do list is quite long, and things that inconvenience us like car repairs can’t always be put off. Besides, it’s front end work and we’re getting ready for a 1,500 mile trip.

Re-organized the kitchen, worked out with Jillian, and been catching up on laundry. I feel like the day has been going by so slowly. Guess that’s what happens when you stay home. The thing that would make it just about perfect is to have dinner planned and get a few minutes in the craft dungeon. Looks like since it’s only three pm, I can make that happen.

Gifts list so far today: Luke hiding under my bed to sneak jellybeans, thinking I can’t see him. Tess and Sophia getting along so well. Kitchen re-organized. Laundry done. Looks like rain. SIL has a job interview. Brother got a promotion at work. Rod got a promotion at work. Mom counting down the days till retirement. Workout done.