I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager.  Wow, that’s a long time.  When I was 15, the biggest thrill was finding something at Goodwill and re-fashioning it to be entirely my own.  Now, it’s finding something at Goodwill that doesn’t need to be re-fashioned!!!  Anyways, as a teen, money was tight, and my parents couldn’t afford what was “in”.  I never owned a polo shirt or an izod shirt, only had one pair of “designer” jeans.  What I did have was: vintage items that no one else had, vintage items that had been re-fashioned into something more trendy.  I made lots of my own jewelry, wore my hair a little different than everyone else – asymetrical cuts, short when everyone else wore long.  As a mom these days, I’m just thankful that I grew up before the days of tattoos, crazy colored hair being mainstream, cell phones, facebook & texting. I’m sure I’d have a full sleeve of tattoos, piercings and whatever else, and the evidence would be all over the internet!

Back to the sewing…   I’ve got a simple Singer machine that I bought shortly after getting married.  I had my grandmother’s Singer featherweight and it only had a forward and backward stitch.  (I hope to get that machine back some day!)  The singer I bought was great, built in buttonhole stitch.  A zig zag, and a couple of fancy stitches.  It was great for basic clothing repairs, I used it for some upholstery projects, and sewed some clothing for the kids when they were babies.  I made lots of curtians and a few other things with it.  It is a workhorse and has many years of life left in it.  I have been looking to add a serger to my craft room since Mia used one at sewing camp four or five years ago.  It really makes things look finished, and makes sewing very quick and easy.  I’ve searched Craigslist for quite a while and haven’t had much luck.  I even visited a local sewing store to see if they ever got trade in’s.  Still, I wasn’t willing to shell out the big money – it is a want, not a need.

Last Friday, I searched serger on CL, and someone had a singer serger and sewing machine with the sewing table & chair that sold as a set.  They were 1990’s models, but looked to be in great shape and the price was great – $200.  I didn’t need another sewing machine, but was willing to spend that much for the serger used, so I emailed the seller.  They emailed back to tell me someone was coming to see it at 3pm that day.  I still had a strange feeling that I would be seeing it.  Well, right as we were getting ready to pick up our teenagers from a mission trip, I got a phone call from the seller.  Their buyer couldn’t make it – would I be interested?  Well, I was, but was afraid that picking up my kids would get in the way of seeing the serger.  Guess what?!  The seller lived across the street from my church.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  We went and saw the machines, picked them up, got our kiddos, and got everything home.  The serger was easy to thread and worked like a charm.  The sewing machine was a fancier version of my old machine with 18 decorative stitches and a few bells & whistles.  It’s a great machine for free-arm quilting, and I’m hoping to start making some quilts soon.  All this to say, God knows the desires of our hearts and wants to show us how much he loves us.  It is my goal to use these machines to teach my daughters to be homemakers, make gifts & craft items to bring more beauty into this world, and use the gifts God has blessed me with.  Spending time crafting brings me so much joy, and I’m thrilled to have a new toy to play with!  I hope to use it to bring Him glory.

Gifts List:  new toys in sewing room; Luke and the “fighter” bandaids he loves so much – they’re superhero band aids; Luke’s poison ivy is almost gone; Amy’s new job; the Kasey’s new car; Rod taking vacation at the end of our Denver trip; cooler weather; excitement for school to start; garden doing well; flowers blooming in yard; Sophia’s excitement for the dentist; Mia getting ready for Barnabas.