I cannot believe it’s only the third day of summer and we’re already in the 100’s.  It seems like the summers in Oklahoma just get hotter, and the springs just get shorter.  After visiting San Diego in May, and dealing with tornadoes and wildfires in our state, we’ve started wondering if there is a more temperate place to live.  I’m starting to wish we really could load up in that RV and travel the country.  I’d be in Montana right now for sure!  When Rod retires, Luke will be 13.  If we don’t have a bajillion grandchildren by then, we’ve seriously talked about traveling with Luke & Sophia in an RV and going all over the United States.  I come from a long line of gypsies, and Rod has a bad case of wanderlust.  I think it would be the perfect life.  There is something freeing about not being tied down to material possessions.

Wonderful things are happening in my extended family.  My youngest brother, a firefighter, received the Medal of Valor from the city he serves, and a promotion to Driver in the fire department.   The same week, his wife was driving his car and got in an accident.  The car was totaled (two months after they had it paid off – early).  A couple of days ago they picked up a brand new Honda Fit.  They are thrilled.  They are newlyweds (2 years) and bought a house last year.  They are making it their own, and are terribly in love.  My other brother has an hour commute to work from my hometown to Tulsa, and he works 12 hour shifts.  He really loves his job.  His wife is a school teacher at my old elementary school.  She went for a job interview in the Tulsa area, at one of the best school systems in the state, at the best elementary school in the district.  Before she could get out of the parking lot, they were calling her to offer her the job.  They are frantically trying to get their house on the market and get a house purchased before school starts.  They are the parents to two boys and are terribly in love as well!  I’m so happy and proud of both of their families.

As I’ve heard news of both couples and their job successes, I guess I’ve wondered if I’m doing a good job.  There’s no tangible paycheck for the job I’m doing.  This job is never finished.  Food gets eaten, laundry gets dirtied, and the housework is never done.  I don’t always see good fruit from my children – they bicker sometimes, aren’t always thoughtful, are sometimes downright little brats.  I keep telling myself that this is more than a job – it is a calling.  It has eternal rewards.  Houses, stuff, medals, bank accounts, new cars – they will all be consumed.  The soul of a person is the only thing with eternal value in this world.  Surely my worth is seen in that.  I am thankful in the mornings when I can snuggle with Luke for an extra five minutes and not have to send him to daycare so I can go to work.  When Sophia asks if I will listen to her read, I can say yes because I value being at home with her.  Tess, Mia and Grant, although they don’t “need” me as much as the younger children, still receive the benefit of me being here for them.  Sometimes it is dropping chores to drive them somewhere, or being able to help with a craft project or cook something special for them.  There is immeasurable value in being there.  Quality & quantity is important  – as one of my favorite bloggers recently wrote ;).  My children will never feel like they were less important than my job.  They are my priority in life.  I am thankful and blessed to have a supportive husband.  It isn’t always easy to do this job.  The pay is terrible, but the benefits are great.