I’m heartbroken at the loss of two children in Oklahoma in the past week due to heat and being in cars.  Both were terribly tragic incidences, and besides the three year old being left alone for a few minutes, accidents.  Apparently, the eight year old boy climbed into his parents car, crawled through the backseat and got into the trunk.  He was reported as missing, and found later in the locked trunk by his father.  The three year old was with a baby sitter (family member) who wasn’t aware he had let himself outside and climbed in the car alone.  By the time they found him, he was dead.

Our Luke loves his daddy.  He loves riding in his daddy’s truck.  Although daddy’s truck doesn’t have working air conditioning, when it’s cool enough, Luke gets to ride in a booster in the backseat.  He rides with his little arm resting on the windowsill just like dad, smiling with the wind in his hair.  He’s always asking when he can ride in daddy’s truck.  A few Saturday’s ago, Rod and I had run a few errands and one was picking up some groceries.  This was when the days were in the low 90’s, not the 100’s we’ve had for the past 18 days.  We left in the morning, made our stops while the kids were at home watching Saturday morning cartoons, and came home for lunch.  Rod helped me carry in the groceries, and we knew we would be leaving later in the afternoon, so we left the truck unlocked.  After lunch, it was unusually quiet and I started looking for Luke.  Little did we know, but he had climbed into Rod’s truck and was inside (rifiling through the glove compartment box) happy as a clam, but sweating profusely – to the point that his hair and clothing were soaked through.  When I looked inside and saw his little face smiling back, my heart dropped.  I’m sure it was well over 115 in the truck.  The “if’s” have weighed heavy on me the past few weeks.  If we hadn’t noticed him missing… if it had been any warmer… if we had gotten busy with a task… Luke might not be here.  We definitely learned our lesson that Saturday.  From now on, if we aren’t outside actively doing something in the van or truck, they are locked.  We don’t allow the kids to play in the van, and because Luke is facinated with keys as well, they are always put up when they’re in the house.  I cannot imagine the guilt and shame we would have carried for the rest of our lives over something like that.

Gifts list for 7/12/11 – air conditioning, Rod’s job, mail delivered today, sweet peach iced tea, God’s protection over my children, clean sheets on the line, Luke’s sweet questions last night at bedtime, movie night & pizza with all my kiddos home, getting file cabinet cleaned out, homeschool mama’s group meeting Monday, lunch with a friend Monday, my sister in law’s sweet encouraging words, new whirly pop popcorn popper, an afternoon at home.