Great things are happening for my brother & his family.  My sweet sister in law recently got hired at a great school in Jenks.  This means they have a house to sell, and have to find a place to live in a new town, and she’s starting a new job after teaching 14 years in the same school.  It’s bittersweet because it’s where she and my brother (& I) went to elementary school, and it’s a big move from a small town.  My nephews are 14 and 10, and I think they’re getting excited about being at a new school.  They are great kids and will have no trouble with the adjustment.  The move means my brother won’t have to drive two hours a day to work and home.  I’m happiest I think for him because it is giving him more time with his family and will mean a more normal life for them all.

Amy (my sil) has called me often with prayer requests since this whole journey started.  I have had the privilege of praying for her and their family through interviews, job changes, house showings, and concerns for the boys leaving their friends.  I have been so excited to see God working and answering prayers on a minute by minute basis some days!  It has been a thrilling ride for all of us, but God is in control of it all.  Is their house sold?  Not yet, but it is being shown.  Do they know where they’ll live next year?  No, but God is working behind the scenes to give them a wonderful home.  Are the jitters about the new job and school over?  No, but God will be with each of them as they go through the uncertain days ahead.  What matters most is that they are relying on Him, seeking Him, and trusting in Him that He has their best interest at heart.  The best part is seeing their family grow in their faith, and giving glory to an awesome God who cares deeply about them and every situation in their lives. I’m so happy that both of my brothers are walking with the Lord as adults, and thankful to God that we’ve got our faith as we raise families.  It’s not something we had as a family growing up, but it is an important part of our lives now.

Gifts list for 7/21/11:  lunch date with Rod;  Kirk & Amy’s showing today;  Luke playing with Mr. Potato Head – fun to watch; our little window unit chugging along until our a/c guy can get to us;  for a trip to the cool of the library; sno cones with Grant; Soph getting to see Kyla tomorrow; Mia’s trip; possibly getting the little girls to see Grandma next week; Christa found her wedding dress yesterday; got a card from Molly & Tyler today; planning for next school year is going well; my mom got a small bonus; making progress in our kitchen.