Yea:  Mia left for Camp today.  Boo:  I’m going to miss her very much

Yea: Luke and I went thrifting.  Boo:  It was hot.

Yea:  I found a brand new pottery barn overstuffed childrens chair for $5.99 – retails for $99.00.  Boo:  I got grease on it when I was shoving it into the back of my hot van.

Yea:  Got on the PB Website and the cover is removable and completely washable.  Boo:  More laundry.

Yea:  Found another vintage quilt top.  Boo:  It was two blocks wide and 10 blocks long.  I think I’ll have to remake it into a better size.

Yea:  It’s Friday  Boo:  Rod’s working today.

Yea:  This blog post is over.  Boo:  This blog post is over (thanks Tess.)