We had a really productive weekend.  Rod and I finished painting the lower cabinets (all except for the ends where the pantry and refrigerator sit).  We finished the painting Thursday night and re-installed the cabinet doors and new hardware on Friday when Rod was off.  I’ve had moments once the color paint was going on, that I thought maybe Rod didn’t like the color too much, but he’s the one that keeps saying “It looks amazing in here!”  The teal color really makes the stove stand out, and they look amazing together.  I’m still working on curtains, and we’re hoping to get the floor done before Rod’s sister gets here this weekend.

My brother & his wife came up over the weekend.  We had a really nice visit.  They make me feel old though!!!  We realized after they spent the day with us that we ARE old enough to be their parents.  In fact, her mom is just a couple of years older than Rod.  She was so sweet and brought muffins for us that morning, and we fixed them lunch and called in pizza for dinner.  During the afternoon, my brother took a nap because he had a couple of calls from the fire station overnight Friday before he got off Saturday morning, and my SIL asked if there were any thrift stores close by.  We loaded up the girls and “Phineas”, and headed out.  It was 104 degrees.  The thrift store had air conditioning though, and we/I found some great things:  a vintage globe in really good condition, a brand new pair of knock off “chaco’s” for Sophia, a bag of vintage doll clothes that included a tweed coat with a fur collar and a matching hat, a gorgeous striped wool blanket – looks like a pendelton, but no tag, a gold damask chenille twin bedspread (I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it looks very Anthropologie-esque, and the best for last:  a large vintage Pyrex mixing bowl – great condition – teal blue with a white scroll pattern.  I searched the pattern last night and could only find it in pink/white and cream/gold.  I’m not sure if it’s rare, but it looks amazing in my kitchen.

This might be silly to some people, but I truly believe that God teaches me things at the thrift store.  When I start to think about all the things that must come together at the right time for finding “treasures” that I hunt for, and the fact that I believe God is sovereign in all things, I am amazed at the things that come to me.  Whether it’s a needed pair of shoes or jeans for one of my children, or art supplies for a project, furniture for my home, or something fun to bless one of my kids, I give God the credit.  He has sustained our family in the most creative of ways throughout the past 16 years, and I’m always amazed at the ways He provides for us.

Gifts List for 8/1/11:  Air conditioning for this week; school preparations coming along; kitchen progress; company over the weekend and for next weekend too!; Mia home and full of stories; Luke drawing recognizable figures with eyes & arms, Luke starting to potty train, Rod’s job, being able to stay home with my children, coffee in my favorite mug, food in the fridge, HS moms meeting today.