Tomorrow is Rod’s Friday off.  I love the Friday’s he doesn’t work.  Don’t love the longer work days as much, but a three day weekend every other week is great.  We are getting ready to put our new flooring down.  I spent my day moving out a large pantry cabinet and chrome rack we have in our kitchen.  It is very empty right now.  Our flooring is in boxes in the hallway and has been since December.  That’s terrible, I know!!!  I was looking around at all of the tools, shop vac, boxes of tile and flooring, cans of primer and paint, and boxes of stuff that is in limbo during this transition, and I’m amazed at what space I’ll have when it’s all moved back into Rod’s workshop.  Guess when we get all the house projects done, he should get a shop makeover.  He deserves it.  He has taken on sooooo many projects, from plumbing to wiring, from framing to tiling – saved us thousands of dollars over the years.  I think ultimately that it has been a great lesson for our kids to see Daddy still learning new things and being the “man” around the house.  Don’t know what I’d do without him.  I’m not sure if we’ll get our taquiera lunch date this week or not – all work and no play?

Luke has been a little sick today.  Started running a fever in the middle of the night last night.  Asked for a snack at 4:30 this morning.  I guess he didn’t eat much dinner, we were in a hurry to get the kids to church, then he was asleep when we got home from that half hour drive.  Finally got him awake and he was fine.  He’s telling me his ear hurts.  We’re dosing with motrin and hoping he’s better in the morning.  He’s the sweetest boy.  In the middle of the night when I got him a bowl of dry cheerios, he wrapped his little arm around me, stroked my cheek and said “thank you mama”.  He always says “thank you for cooking this dinner”, and when I took his temperature today, as I pulled the ear thermometer out of his 104 degree ear, he said “thank you mama”.   I melted.  I was thinking about him being so thankful, and so quick to tell me thank you, when I realized that he is truly God’s gift to me at this stage in my life.  Motherhood is sometimes a thankless job.  It amazes me how much his simple thanks refreshes this tired mama.

Gifts List 8/11/11:  Luke’s thank you’s, glorious rain causing a break in the heat, turned off the a/c for a while today, sweet sleep, books arriving in the mail, the blessing of thrifted clothes for the little girls and being able to pass things on to others, art projects with the girls today while Luke napped, Kasey’s job news this week, inspiration to craft and create, strength to say “no” when it doesn’t bless my family, my home becoming more “ordered”, getting back on schedule.