I was reminded of this in so many ways the past few days.  My children are always a big help to me, but I’ve appreciated them so much more lately.  I’ve been suffering for a while now (about 10 days) with severe back pain.  To the point that I’m pretty sure it’s a disc issue and I need a MRI.  Standing causes me pain, sitting causes me pain, and lying down causes me pain.  I’ve been trying not to take too much more than tylenol, but I’ve had a few rough days.  That, and we’ve started back to school, and we laid flooring in our kitchen over the weekend.  (Rod did most of this work and I was just helping.)  Well, we decided we wouldn’t re-install my worthless dishwasher because it was worthless and we have only that appliance to replace then everything will be new.  Well, today started with fixing a sausage, egg, toast & jelly sandwich for Rod’s breakfast, and a turkey and provolone on whole wheat with lettuce & mustard for his lunch.  I baked two batches of muffins for breakfast – banana and chocolate chip.  Lunch was penne pasta with chicken alfredo sauce, and dinner is smothered steak, mashed potatoes, green beans & salad.  That is just the menu for today.  Yesterday was quite similar, but dinner was mexican in ethnicity.  By the time dinner was over last night, I was really hurting.  Well, someone mentioned it would be nice for a couple of kids to clean up the kitchen…  20 minutes later, with I-phones blasting and the two of them working side by side, Grant & Mia cleaned the kitchen and washed all the dishes.  I was so blessed.