Both of my sweet nephews started a new school in a new city yesterday.  (Names – except one have been left out to protect the innocent.)  One is in middle school and one is in elementary.  They had an hour drive to the city where they will be moving when their house sells.  My sister in law teaches at an elementary school there.  They had a great day, a great drive home, everything was wonderful.  Upon inspection of their homework assignments, it became clear to my sister in law that one of the boys was writing his biography for social studies under a pseudonym.  Sebastian.  Apparently he used the name all day at school and told teachers that was his nickname that he wanted to go by.  And, yes, it is the name of my mom’s 25 pound Maine Coon cat.  I think he has some angst over his name, and his parents were upset by that, but I think it was a defense mechanism too.  It was easier to be Sebastian than who he really was.  Aren’t we all that way sometimes?!  I love the idea in the Bible of getting a new name.  Abram became Abraham, Sari became Sarah.  Saul/Paul.  Wouldn’t that be great for modern Christians?  A tangible, physical reminder everyday that you aren’t who you were.  I know Satan would lose a stronghold in my life because I struggle with remembering who I used to be without Christ.

All of my errands are done for the week.  My house shows evidence that I have been out of the house a lot this week.  Today we will be putting things back in order, taking care of some schoolwork, and getting ready for the weekend.  I hope its a good one.

Gifts List for 8/19/11:  Seeing old friends and making new ones; a day at home; thrifted books; a sink full of dishes; okra from the garden; laughter from children; my roaster oven for outside cooking on hot days; having a home to keep; my siblings walking with Christ;  my name written in the book of life.