Home schooling with a wide range of ages is never dull.  Right now, my two oldest are reading Beowulf as a part of British Lit.  Luke has heard enough discussion about the poem that he now talks about Beowulf like he’s some character that he should know.  Mostly, he asks questions and thinks he was a bad werewolf guy.  I’m sure the Harry Potter mania that has been my summer has affected him too.  Tess got a HP Wii game and they have played it quite a bit.  I think it contains werewolves too.  Although I think Tess is old enough to do HP, I’m not sure it has been the best influence on Luke.  Last night, he got a spanking for trying to “stupify” some toy in the living room.  Apparently it’s a spell from Harry Potter and he knows it.  He didn’t get the spanking for saying it, he got the spanking for sticking his tongue out at me when I told him to stop saying it.  Learning is about more than books and workbooks.  It’s discussions and life experiences all melded into one.  Harry Potter has been a good friend to my daughter over the summer.  We’re now looking for the next literary adventure.  Maybe she and Luke can do Beowulf together.

We’re learning a new craft.  I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet, but after seeing Amigurimi (sp?) Star Wars dolls at a friends house, Tess wants to learn.   She has been watching lots of youtube videos and can crochet a mean chain.  I’m working on learning stitches one at a time to help her.  Right now, there are balls of yarn and crochet needles all over the living room.  Even Luke is “needling” a little blanket for a mouse – or so he says.  After two Luke stories, I realize how much he learns through watching us.  I don’t know many 2 year olds that have thoughts on Beowulf or crochet.

I’m on my way to a doctor’s visit.  Trying to find out what has been causing my back pain to be so bad the past few weeks.  I’ve dealt with pain for 25 years, but nothing like the past few weeks.  More than anything, I want a diagnosis.  I don’t want surgery at all.  I know there are lots of options to help deal with pain, but I want to know why it’s there in the first place.  I have never met this doctor, and am praying that he will listen to me and help give me some options.  That has been a problem in the past – no good explanation.  I don’t mean to be sexist, but I think men just want to fix the problem, and don’t want to listen.  Hopefully this doctor is different.  Thankful I have insurance that allows me to self refer, and that we can afford to meet the deductible.  I know that isn’t the case for thousands of families.

Gifts List for: 8/23/11:  Medical insurance; kids willing to help more around the house; Luke being such a smart kid; Tess’ quest for learning; my quest for learning; dinner already planned; Grant being diligent so he can hang out with a friend; my kids being closer since school started; a slight break in the weather; the birthday of an old friend.