Had my first experience with an MRI last night.  Not the most fun experience I’ve ever had, but I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going on with my back.  Even with headphones and classic rock, it was the loudest banging, beeping, siren blaring, knocking medical procedure I’ve ever experienced.  Got home at 10:30 pm to all the kids awake and running through the house.  That was unexpected.  Results are back on Thursday.  Hope there is a good answer and non-surgical response to the pain.  Luke seems to know that I’m not 100% because he has been awful the past few days.  Three spankings already this morning.  Not fun.

Went out of town for the weekend.  Got to see my mom for the first time since early spring.  We went to some garage sales and a few antique stores in my hometown.  Got some great stuff:  two new globes, a sugar mold, some plate holders, an antique skirt hanger – for a project, a huge atlas from my mom, clothes for Luke, shoes for my big kids & me – like new at a garage sale, a pretty ruffled cardgan, and the best of all – vintage pyrex (with a story).  We went to the first antique store, and when we got to the last few booths, there was a pretty pyrex bowl in the red/orange gold pattern called “friendship”.  Well, the price was ok (higher than thrift), and the piece had a lid but it wasn’t the right one.  I bought it anyway.  When we went into the next store – a mile away – in about the 5th booth, there was the matching white glass lid with the “friendship” design on it.  My sister in law Amy just about freaked out.  The second booth didn’t have the bowl, but they had two lids.  Crazy.  I was really hurting that day, so we cut things short and headed home by about 12:30.  It’s bad if I don’t feel like treasure hunting.  We had so much fun together – don’t get to spend enough time with my family.

We planned to go visit my brother in Claremore.  Well, my husband didn’t want to go there (20 miles away) and come back to his parents (the opposite direction from home) to leave for us to come home.  This was causing quite a problem for us.  I didn’t see what the big deal was, and he wouldn’t budge for me at all.  I was not happy.  This, and I knew that my brother was studying for a big week at his new job – didn’t have much time for a visit, and my sil was very excited about us all coming.  I finally talked it out with Rod and decided that I would just call my mom to go with me and the girls.  Well, my mom was going to drive, and we got about three miles out of town and her car started overheating.  I couldn’t get any cell reception, so we used her phone to call my stepdad and Rod.  We sat on the side of the road for about a half hour waiting for her car to cool down, and help arrive.  When Rod pulled up, we were sitting in the front seats looking at a magazine and laughing like it was the most normal thing in the world.  We got her car cooled off enough to limp it home, but never made it to my brothers house.  Guess that visit will have to wait for another time.

Busy week, Luke’s third birthday is Saturday.  Should be a fun one.  Have a cape to sew, so much to do.

Gifts List for 8/30/11:  laundry plumbing draining; a day at home; Sophia’s first ballet class; MRI over and done; treasure hunting with family; crafts waiting to be finished; Luke writing L’s; popcicles for summer; ice packs; sweet words of encouragement.