Crazy title, but I couldn’t resist.  I thought about calling him the “hip whisperer”, but decided it would be inappropriate.  Well, I’m old.  Arthritis & degenerative discs.  Aggravated by many pregnancies & a c-section.  Found out that my pelvis was mis-aligned as well.  One visit to the physical therapist and he “pops” it back in place, and I already feel so much better it’s amazing.  It’s like he knew exactly what was wrong – knew where there would be pain, what would make it worse.  I’m really looking forward to a month of physical therapy so I can “fix myself” as he explained it.  No surgery – yeah!!!!  Have another appointment with him tomorrow.  By next week, I’ll be a new person.

Life is extremely busy right now.  Wednesdays are the worst!  I’m seriously looking forward to Grant being able to drive so I can have some of my life back.  Luke doesn’t do to good on these in and out of the car days.  Hopefully I will be able to handle today better physically.   Why is it that the days I have the most and  best creative ideas, I have to be in the van?????  It just isn’t fair.  I decided I would put a notebook in my purse and keep a place to write/sketch ideas.  I would really love to have an outlet for some of the stuff in my head.  An etsy store maybe?

Gifts List for 9/14/11:   songs from my very own angel; stick drawings with faces; visits with friends; dinner cooked outside in the roaster; pain relief after months of discomfort; I’m redeemed; seven dinner plates to wash; sleepovers with sisters; gap toothed grins; creative energy; 80’s pop on my 16 yo’s ipod – cracks me up!; family time.