I have oodles and oodles of time to craft!  Not really, but I’m already feeling the pressure of the holidays approaching, and I’ve got several things I’m trying to get done this week.  Most importantly, my mini-me is having her 8th birthday on Saturday and I have a tote bag that needs to be made before then.  We’re working on a birthday party because I’m such a mean mom.  My children get a friend party at age 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.  Odd years are family only.  This is a friend year, and will complete our birthday party escapades for 2011.  I don’t do “packaged” parties.  It’s usually homemade decorated cake or cupcakes, crafts for the attendees, and unique goodie bags.  This year my teenagers decided to split the difference between their birthdays and have a bash.  It was easy – no goodie bags, an evite invitation, and just food & minimal decorations.  Mini me got hand colored invitations, hand-drawn and decorated envelopes, real mail stamps, and will be having some great decorations and fun food & crafts for her party.  It’s an owl theme, so I’ll post some pictures of everything when it’s all together.  I don’t know “whooo” is more excited, her or me?

I think its time to post some pictures on this blog, and I’ve decided to go with some of my creative endeavors.  For the past three or four months, I’ve found opportunities to create some one of a kind shoes.  One pair was for my 10 year old, and two pairs were for my daughter’s friends, and I’ve also done a pair for my 14 year old daughter.  I’ll tell you a little about them.

We didn’t score any great deals at Target during the Missoni craze.  There are still a few pieces left at our local Target if you’re interested in size 0 bikini bottoms or size 24 bustiers.  I had purchased the plain shoes at Target and was certain that DD1 would ruin them wearing them plain before I could decorate them.  After asking several times what she wanted on them, she decided some chevrons ala Missoni style would be good.  Let me tell you, these shoes were harder than any other pair I’ve done.  Before, each section of shoe was it’s own canvas.  This design carried over from side to side and needed to be somewhat exact or it would have gotten “wonky” pretty quick.  Well, after about four hours, she has her own one of a kind shoes.  Her friends all love them, but most importantly, she’s happy with them.

The next set of shoes were done as a gift for two of my daughter’s friends.  One turned sixteen and the other was fourteen this summer.  The shoes each represent things or hobbies that the girls love.  The sixteen year old is a budding musician and photographer.  She loves peace signs, hearts & rainbows.  The fourteen year old loves dance and the Bible.  Hers are decorated with scripture and her silhouette is on the back of the shoes with the word dance.  I had a total blast making these shoes, and even more fun seeing their reaction to them.  All artwork was done with a set of sharpie markers.  My 10 year old (whose shoes I can’t find a picture of right now), got her pair done in June and they’ve held up very well for all the wear she’s given them.  Hers are decorated with a guitar, Harry Potter initials, lotus type flowers and zebra print.  I’ve had requests to do shoes for other people and I would love to, just contact me through the blog or my gmail account.

I’m so thankful to have the time and resources to be able to create.  My basement craft room (the dungeon as I call it) is full of mostly thrifted supplies.  Vintage linens, gifted fabrics, cans full of buttons, beads & jewels.  I’m embarrased to admit that I have four sewing machines (one for each daughter and one for myself) and a serger.  My mom has gifted me lately with supplies to add to my shoe decorating adventures in the way of a set of metallic sharpies and fabric markers.  My craft room represents freedom and an escape for me.  I truly lose track of time when I’m down there.   Some day, when my children are grown and have homes of their own, I plan to take over my daughter’s east facing bedroom and make it my studio.  I envision crafting someday with my grandchildren and creating for them.  Creating beauty out of the everyday is my passion.

Gifts List:  camping with my family; finding something on my “want” list at the thrift store, costumes coming together; time to create; eating out of the freezer; 8 green tomatoes on my vines; visitors today; finally posting pictures on my blog; planning vacation with my brothers; mom’s retirement just 20 days away; security of knowing my brothers know Christ.