Well, we’ve started decorating the house.  The lights are up (thanks, Grant), the tree is in the living room and it is full of ornaments, the mantle is somewhat decorated, and a couple of kid friendly nativity scenes are on display.  We started our Advent Journey this morning as our family devotional, and the crafting is in full swing.  So far, since Saturday, I’ve made:  seven paracord bracelets, two infinity scarves, a felt poinsettia for Sophia’s dance teacher, and I’ve got plans for much much more.  I’m thinking about hanging a sign on my craftroom door that says: Santa’s Workshop.  I’ve got a couple of things that need to be finished for Tess and I can hardly keep them out of the room when I’m working.  A little cup of tea, my pandora, and I’m lost to the cares of the world when I go downstairs.  My neighborhood fabric store is moving, and they’re clearing out stuff.  It’s a good thing I’m running out of room or I’d probably bring half of it home.  I’m enjoying my serger so much.  It makes projects go so quickly and everything looks very professional.

Luke is doing great with the decorations.  He hasn’t taken too many of them down.  Mostly just the fun foam gingerbread men.  I’ve yet to find Shrek in the nativity, but it’s bound to happen.  Sitting through the devotional is a little hard for him, but he gets to hang the ornament on our Jesse tree, so for now, that’s good.  It’s fun to see him beginning to understand what this season is all about.  We’ve not put up the outdoor Nativity, but it’s his favorite.  The first year we had it (last year), when he saw it, he started yelling “Yea God!”  That’s what I think everytime I see the baby Jesus in the manger, “Yea, God!!!”  I hope I never lose that feeling.

Thankful List for 11/29/11:  family dinners as crazy as they sometimes are; library books; holiday traditions with meaning; my home; the ability to create and the means to do it freely; making things for others; that my 10 year old was facinated with the cord measuring/cutting machine at Sam’s Surplus and told the employee if she didn’t get married that she would want that job when she grew up; lists; free printables; the great Thanksgiving celebration we had with my family – lots of laughing and who knew we had so much talent in the family?!  I can still see Kirk trying to blow a bubble out of his eye!!!!