I’ve been fighting commercial Christmas for probably my entire adult life.  Christmas was so low key growing up.  Don’t know if it was because of bad Christmas happenings, divorce & house fire, or because I grew up in a working class family and we didn’t go “all out”.  When I got married, I was overwhelmed at the celebration my husbands family has every year.  We’ve added five children to this family and it hasn’t slowed anyone down.   My MIL does everything:  Christmas food, dishes, glasses, every child has 6 or 7 wrapped gifts under the tree, and now the adults get something small & a very generous cash gift.  Coming from one gift with my family, this is very extravagant.  Not to mention, that it isn’t Christmas until we have the glasses down, the spiced tea on the stove, and all the other traditional things.  There is no tradition from my childhood.  My mother stopped putting up a tree several years ago, and most of the time, we have pizza or  some other non-traditional holiday meal.  It’s polar opposites and I now just roll with it.  I don’t remember many Christmas celebrations before my family imploded.  We would go to my grandmas, there was lots of food, there was always the REC Christmas party, and we always drove around and looked at lights.  I want my children to have the traditions – even if they don’t appreciate them right now.  We have Christmas glasses, some special ornaments that always get put out, and this year we inherited the Santa cutout and Santa head light for our house from Rod’s parents.  Luke will always remember those things like his daddy does.

Thankful list: 12/13/11 – New bookcases for the dining room, coming home to a clean kitchen yesterday afternoon, nice family dinner last night, clean doggies, three more workdays till vacation, lighter schedule this week, books from the library, Christmas lists, thrifted traditions.