Well, 2012 came in like the wind.  I stayed very busy during the holidays and didn’t get to post any of the Christmas goodies I made.  I got a new toy right before Christmas and I’m hoping it helps me keep up photos on my blog a little better.  I got an Iphone. 4s. with Siri.  My husband hates it.  My teenagers finally got phones for Christmas.  I phones. 4’s, no Siri for them.  They love them, their dad hates them – the phones, not the kids!  He doesn’t like change so much.  I think if it were up to him, we would all be sending smoke signals or something.  I love change and am enjoying the technology.  I’m learning what the Iphone can do, and so far I’m very happy with it.  I think it will be like having another brain.  She (Siri) keeps my shopping lists handy, reminds me of appointments, helps me get directions and phone numbers, and my favorite part – she says things like:  I am only here to serve you.  Never “Whydo I have to do that?”  She never talks back, or has a bad attitude.  I like her… a lot.  If she could cook and drive, I would love her.

I am always excited for the new year.  I love new beginnings.  Do-overs.  Fresh pages.  A new calendar.   New possibilities.  I am a resolution kind of girl, but not in the yearly sense.  In the daily sense, and sometimes hourly!   I make resolutions all the time.  To have a little help with those resolutions in the form of technology, is great for someone like me.  My new apps are going to help me capture memories, keep track of my “gifts”,  keep appointments, read my Bible daily, track workouts and calorie counts, and stay in better touch with my family.  For me, it’s a huge help.  I am planning to keep my “phone time” in check.  I have already noticed that my husband gets a little jealous if I’m doing something on my phone when we’re together… I do predict that by the end of 2012, he will fully appreciate the technology as much as I already do.  He did joke over the Christmas break that he was going to go back to buckskins and thought he would buy a horse to ride to work every day.    If you see a man on horseback, downtown, wearing buckskins or sending a smoke signal, that’s my husband.  Dragging him into the 21st century, kicking and screaming.