Well, I had a feeling I needed to go to the thrift store yesterday.  This is nothing new.  Most weeks, I visit at least one thrift store – sometimes in search of something, sometimes for therapy.  Yesterday I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to go.  I dropped Sophia off at dance, then headed over to check out my neighborhood Goodwill.  This is a great time of year to thrift because so many others are following through on resolutions to de-clutter.  I had a good feeling about going.  Besides, it was my first outing ALONE since Saturday, and I was needing some ME time.

My sweet 10 year old daughter LOVES Star Wars.  This girl has already declared that she wants a Star Wars kitchen someday.  As her mother, I’m hopefully raising her to enjoy being in the kitchen, and have an appreciation for cooking, meal planning, etc.  If she wants a SW kitchen, a SW kitchen, she should have.  I found a set of seven SW character mugs on the shelf.  They are really neat, and I scored major mom points for getting them for her.  We are washing them, wrapping them in bubble wrap, and boxing them up for her future kitchen someday.  We’re calling it her “Obi-Wan You’re My Only Hope” Chest.  I’m planning to embroider some Star Wars tea towels and hopefully as the years go by, I can add to her collection of kitchen goods.

Well, I found a little goodie for me as well.  I have a tight countertop.  It is long, but narrow.  With four cell phones, an e-reader, chargers and the like, my “drop zone” is quite cluttered.  Enter, a goodie from Oprah’s Favorite Things.  My new favorite thing:  The Jonathan Adler desk dock organizer:

My new favorite thing

Well, this little baby was brand new still in the packaging!  Marked $2.99!  SCORE!!!!  I was thrilled that it was a cute color and something very functional for my kitchen.  As you can see, it holds a few pens and some note paper for taking phone messages.  My charger cord is sticking out under the flap, and it holds two devices with a small drawer underneath for headphones, additional accessories.  I found this on the internet in several places, and the cheapest I found it was $20.  What a find.  Cute and functional.

Gifts list 1/5/12:  new phone holder, God providing “wants” in such creative ways!;   the hope of a future for my children; visits with family; helpful obedience from children; studying Gods creation and our wonderful respiratory system with my daughters; Luke’s paintings today; the gifts don’t stop; community in unlikely places; never being truly alone!; grapes in the fridge.