I have a tendency to go a bit overboard.  I credit that ability to the addictive personality that I got from my father.  As a child, I collected records/music, books, and pigs.  We always had a menagerie of animals, and I was very fond of my collection of childhood dishes at a very young age.  Things haven’t changed.  I still love music, books, and I have been collecting Pyrex for a few years now.  I have a strong weakness for vintage linens, and now I’m adding to the dish collection with Fiesta Ware.  It is not vintage, purchased new a couple of weeks ago, using money I got as a Christmas gift.  It makes me very happy to walk into my kitchen and see all the colors.  I purchased scarlet, tangerine, sunflower, lemongrass, shamrock, aqua, peacock, and cobalt.  I’m still planning to purchase the plum color, and possibly find a vintage pink set because I’m heavy on the blue/green end of things.  There’s something very nice about seeing it on the table, in the sink, and even in the dishwasher.  I figure if seeing a sink full of dishes can still make you smile, it must be good stuff.  The best part:  it goes with everything.  Looks great mixed up on the table, goes with my Pyrex serving pieces, and matches any color tablecloth I decide to use.

So, now I have more dishes than I need.  I’ve been trying to scale down, with seven of us here, we have more stuff than we need.  I’m still keeping a set of my white dishes so we can mix things up and have extra dishes for when company comes.  The extras will be packed away for my kids to use if they need when they move out.  I have several bags of things I’m planning to donate to charity, and will be adding to that in the days to come.  Fiesta isn’t something I find while thrifting (at least not very often), but I still plan to look for it!

I would love to do 40 Bags in 40 Days, but if I get off track, I get discouraged.  I think it’s a good thing to have a plan, but life has a way of taking over. I will just keep plodding through, and make slow progress, but it will be good to be able to see it.

Gifts list 3/6/12:  warm muffins from the oven; Luke’s curls; Sophia waking up early this morning and helping in the kitchen; friends coming next weekend; spring is around the corner; getting to see my mom last week; kids making memories with grandma.