Yesterday was not a good day.  It actually started innocently enough Sunday night when the pot of coffee I made at 8pm and thought was decaf wasn’t.  I didn’t sleep at all Sunday night into Monday.  The time change messes me up enough as it is without the added help of caffeine.  Monday morning I was awake at 6:10 to workout before sending my husband off to work.  Thankful for the ability to workout at home.  Thankful that my husband has a great job and I can stay home.  None of my children wanted to wake up yesterday.  I think it was 9:00am before the last one was out of bed.  This makes me a grumpy mom.  Thankful for a few extra minutes of alone time.  Thankful that I have a house full of children that I see as blessings directly from the heart of God.

My family reads a lot of books from the library and we have a membership at a library in a nearby town besides our own metropolitan library system.  We had some books due from the out of town library that couldn’t be found.  Spent a good hour turning my daughters’ bedroom upside down looking for three books that seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth.  Searched the car, under beds, under sofas, in my daughter’s sleeping nook, and in my bedroom.  Thankful that my family loves books and loves the library.  Thankful that my home has beds, books, and is full of things that are useful and beautiful, that my daughters room got a needed cleaning.  Thankful for a wonderful library system, and additional borrowing privileges at another library.

After our search turned up nothing, I started making phone calls to our neighborhood library.  Found out that books returned to a metro library that do not belong in their system are sent to the main branch downtown and then mailed to the source library.  After being transferred to several different people, I found the answers I needed.  Yes, the three missing books were downtown waiting to be mailed.  I had a doctor’s appointment after lunch, but decided I would just go downtown and pick up the books to return them on Wednesday.  Thankful for helpful library employees, and for found books.

Fed my children lunch and got ready for my dr’s appointment.  You know the one yearly that most women dread.  I have learned through the years of being pregnant and having babies and nursing babies that women’s bodies are something wonderful and they can do amazing things.  After seeing so many friends and family members experience infertility, I never want to take my “womanly” gifts for granted.  The hospital is just a few minutes away from my house, so I drive over and follow the line of cars into the parking garage.  Finally find a place to park and take the long walk through the concourse to the elevator and my doctor’s office.  Sign in and sit down with a magazine.  The receptionist calls me over and asks who I’m there to see (when I’ve written it on the check in sheet in front of her.)  I tell her and she says “Dr. N—- is on vacation.  Your appointment is re-scheduled for April 9th.  Would you like an appointment card for that?”  I tell her I had a card for the appointment I made a year ago and it didn’t help much.  I was pretty upset that I went through the trouble to get there and if I had missed the appointment, I would have been charged, but they are out  nothing for inconveniencing me.  Grrrrrrr.  Took my new appointment card and went back home.  I’m remembering that I had to reschedule a dentist appointment for my 8yo that I could have kept if I had known my OB appointment wasn’t that day.  Grrrrrrrr.  Thankful for modern medicine, the fact that I didn’t have to pay a babysitter for the appointment, that I am a woman, that fertility is a gift, my van in the parking garage got me there and back, and my appointment is rescheduled. Thankful that I held my tongue and didn’t say anything I would have had to apologize for.

Well, by this time, I’m very very sleepy.  I decide to take a short nap.  Fifteen minutes later, the phone rings and I’m wide awake.  Decide to just go downtown and get the books so I can be back before time for ballet and karate lessons start.  No kids opt to come with me, probably for the best since I’m not in a great mood and I haven’t driven on the new stretch of I-40 downtown yet.  I enjoy some needed alone time and drive on a beautiful stretch of road.  Driving into the heart of downtown, I realize that due to major renovations downtown, my decision to retrieve the books might have been a bad one.  It takes me fifteen minutes to find a parking place and it happens to be five blocks from the library.  I plug the meter and start walking.  It’s 70 degrees and I have on a long sleeved shirt, jeans and clogs.  Not the greatest walking attire for this obstacle course.  I’m walking through gravel and torn up sidewalks, next to earth movers, and over and under construction barriers.  It was like a war zone.  I get to the right place and get the three missing books.  I make it back to the van and get back on the interstate.  Thankful for 70 degree days in March, that the trees were in full bloom and really beautiful, for new interstates and nice roads to drive on, for downtown undergoing a great renovation that will make our city an even better place to live, for being able to find my van again.  Thankful that I had an hour of alone time before the business of lessons and activities.

After the downtown trip, the rest of the day went pretty well, (except my 3yo messed up my computer and fell asleep on my leather couch and peed himself while I was gone).  Looking back, I realize how much this journey of finding joy and being thankful in all things has changed me.  A few years ago, I would have just been in a terrible mood all day, taken it out on anyone in my path, and never noticed anything like budding trees or the sweetness of sweaty baby necks when they wake up from a nap – because I was having a bad day.  Being able to find the joy in all things has made my already rich life even richer.