Let me just start by saying I LOVE SPRING BREAK!  No pressure, no schedule, not as many activities, it has been fun.  My girls have piano today, and karate hasn’t been cancelled this week, so we have a few things on our to do list, but we’re going at a much slower pace this week.  My two oldest are on a mission trip, and the three littles and I have tried to find some fun things to do this week.

Monday was spent bailing buckets of water out of our basement.  We got some much needed spring rain, and since our major drought last year, every time it rains, water comes in our basement storage room.  We’ve had occasional water downstairs before, but usually only after three consecutive days of rain.  Most things downstairs are stored on chrome racks or in rubbermaid storage totes and safe from damage.   Using the shop vac to suck up water is always exciting because we’re pretty sure the plug ins in the basement aren’t grounded.  This is on the project list, and now that the basement is getting moved to priority status, we’ll get it done sooner. I spent the whole day Monday working downstairs, so I rented a movie and a wii game from redbox and the kids were pretty happy.  Just remembered that I didn’t return it last night, so I’m out another night’s rental.  Oh well, it was still less than the cost of one movie admission, and kept the kids happy while I carried buckets up the stairs and out the door.

Tuesday was great!  The weather cleared up, we didn’t have any water overnight, and the kids and I went to see the Lorax.  We caught a matinee at Tinseltown, and got home by lunch.  That was nice.  Rod took off early from work, and while we were waiting for him to get home, I worked some in the kitchen, and Sophia and I climbed up into the treehouse to play a game of Sorry.  It was rather fun to do, even though I was out of my comfort zone.  Since Luke was born, I have some balance issues (c-section I’m sure), and I don’t really like to go up there.  I did it because it would make a memory with her, and the older my kids get, the more I realize that I must be intentional about doing just that.   When daddy got home, everyone wanted to go to the library, so we spent a little over an hour there and the kids were so happy.  For a big family of readers, the library is about the best place in the world.  My 10yod says her library card is her best possession in the whole world.  Makes a mom happy.

After the library, we went out to dinner.  Gyro’s were the fare, and we enjoyed it very much.  I’ve had two nights off from cooking dinner, and that hour that I would usually spend cooking, has been spent just enjoying my children.  We are planning to hit the special tonight at Chelino’s, so no cooking for me tonight either.  I’m sure by the time tomorrow rolls around, I’ll be ready to cook for my family again, and five pounds heavier!

The Lorax was cute.  I see more than my fair share of kids movies and don’t see that changing anytime soon.  I had another home-school mom mention that it had a tree-hugger mentality, but most kid movies have an agenda these days, and I knew the original story had a save the earth theme in the seventies.  I know most people don’t see environmentalist and Christian as labels that go together, but here’s my thoughts:  If I believe that God created this earth, (and I do), and I believe that the Bible teaches that we should be good stewards of all of God’s gifts, (and I do), why would this be a problem?  For me, it’s a no-brainer.  What I do have an issue with, is the hypocrisy that some environmentalists have – save the whales, but abort babies?   Doesn’t drinking Coke in the first place probably hurt the polar bears more than drinking Coke to save the polar bears?  I’m just thinking that the production of all those chemicals, and the fuel consumed in producing said product and shipping it to thousands of locations across the country, not to mention the production of plastic bottles and styrofoam cups and trash left behind from people who are to busy driving and texting to find a trash can???? Ok, I’ll calm down now.  I loved the Lorax.  The trees were beautiful, the animals were cute, and a movie with Betty White, Ed Helms, Taylor Swift, and Zac Efron? How can you lose?  Plant a seed, It’s an act of worship anyways because it’s  God’s design and brings him glory.